About Us

My name is Sean McKellar and I launched MotoringBox in 2015. The ‘MotoringBox’ name stems from the fact that it was once a sister site of TopGearbox.com, a website I created back in 2008. In the years which followed, it became one of the world’s largest and most popular Top Gear fan sites.

TopGearbox History

Having had many years of experience owning and administering online forums, I felt that launching TopGearbox as a forum would naturally be the best way to put information out there easily and get people involved. I spent a few months populating the forum with information about Top Gear episodes (starting at season 1), however it soon became clear that the forum software was over complicating everything. Users were forced to register just to get involved – and then there’s post and user moderation, spam control, enforcing forum rules and an inefficient forum search engine to top it all off. Who’s got time for all that?

In early 2009 I started looking for more suitable CMS software and ended up migrating what information I had across to a WordPress installation. WordPress gave me a an excellent foundation on which I could continue building TopGearbox and collate episode information more easily and efficiently. This would involve individually watching every episode and then manually typing information into a Word Document at the same time.

In the years that followed, TopGearbox went from a website that was lucky to see 10 visitors per day, to one which saw several thousand per day. It was a site that helps Top Gear fans find out breaking news about the show, plus more importantly it acts as an index to help those same fans track down old episodes which featured particular vehicles or segments. The amount of information was huge. Episode synopsis, episode guides, Stig quotes, Power lap times, Star lap times, episode screenshots – plus tagging every single vehicle, location or event into a searchable database.

Evolution – TopGearbox and MotoringBox merge

In early 2015 I began working on a new general motoring news & information website which would act as a ‘sister site’ to TopGearbox, called MotoringBox. The original idea was to run both sites in tandem, along with another smaller site I also owned, WheelDealBox.com, dedicated to the popular Discovery channel TV series Wheeler Dealers. However after the Jeremy Clarkson ‘steakgate’ saga played out during the months of March and April, and with Top Gear’s future in doubt, I decided to merge all three sites together to create one master site for car lovers and fans worldwide.

How you can help

Show your support by getting involved! Have your say on our news stories or episode guides by submitting comments. You can also follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest Top Gear news or purchase an original sticker design from our Online Store.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to continuing to bring you all the latest Top Gear, Clarkson Hammond & May, Wheeler Dealers, plus general motoring news and videos.