£1 million LaFerrari crashed


Ferrari are only going to build 499 LaFerrari supercars, but they’ve already got one that needs to be partially rebuilt…

Grainy cameraphone footage has emerged from Budapest, Hungary, which shows the driver of the 950bhp hyper-hybrid getting things very, very wrong on a city street.

Apparently deploying a burst of V12-plus-electric torque that exceeded either (a) the available grip or (b) his talent, the driver enjoys a brief meeting with our old friend ‘snap oversteer’ before thudding into a line of parked cars on the roadside.

Local reports suggest no one was injured in the incident, but the LaFerrari suffered extensive damage to its front end. The damage to the driver’s ego might be even more difficult to repair.

Perhaps the driver should have opted for something a little easier to handle, such as a Toyota Prius or Dacia Sandero..


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