2017 BMW i3 gets new range-extending 33-kWh battery


Manufacturers are pushing battery technology to the maximum, plus fitting larger batteries to their vehicles all in the pursuit of extra range. So it came as no surprise that BMW have added a new 33kWh battery to their i3 electric city car – which they say is good for 184km or 114 miles. That’s a solid increase from the 130km/81mi range from the old 22kWh pack.

Officially it is called the 2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah) and advancements in battery technology means the new battery is exactly the same size as the original pack, but has more than a 50 percent increase in capacity. BMW says that the 184km/114mi range will be available in “varying weather conditions and with the air conditioning or heating turned on,” which sure sounds like real-world driving to us. There will also be range-extender version of the updated i3.

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