Audi to launch fully-electric SUV in 2018


Beginning in 2018, Audi says they’ll be launching a new electric vehicle every year, starting with a ‘sporty SUV’ with a claimed range of ‘more than 500km’ (310 miles). That’s more even than the Tesla Model S, which according to the US Environmental Protection Agency has a highway range of 303.2 miles.

Admittedly, this news doesn’t come as much of a surprise. At last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show Audi unveiled the E-tron Quattro Concept (pictured), and quickly confirmed that it would make production and that it might look a bit like the concept. The concept had two electric motors, one for each axle, with a combined 503bhp. Audi claimed 4.6secs to 62mph, 131mph and that 310-mile range.

Audi has also let slip a few details about the new A8, which will be one of 20 ‘new or upgraded’ Audi vehicles due this year. It will apparently be the first of the brand’s production cars capable of ‘piloted driving’. Details are slim, but Audi claims the A8 will be able to drive itself ‘temporarily’ on motorways at speeds of up to 37mph. This kind of technology is already available in cars like the new Merc E-Class, so it remains to be seen what Audi’s flagship will do to move the game on.

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