Heavily modified Nissan GT-R smashes record for fastest drift


A heavily modified Nissan GT-R Nismo has just smashed the Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest drift.

Driven by Japanese drift champion Masata Kawabata, this monstrous GT-R develops 1029kW (1380hp) of power, sending 100% of it to the rear wheels only. The work was done as part of a collaboration between between Nismo and GReddy Trust, and was originally tested at Japan’s Fuji Speedway before being shipped to the United Arab Emirate’s Fujairah International Airport. There, Kawabata was able to coax the GT-R into a 305km/h (190mph), mile-per-hour, 30-degree drift along the airport’s 3km (1.86mi) runway.


Kawabata’s new record absolutely blew the previous world record out of the water, which was 217km/h (135mph) set by Poland’s Jakub Przygonski.

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