Honda renews deal to supply engines to Ariel vehicles


One of the defining aspects of Ariel vehicles, such as the Atom, is the sound of the screaming Honda engines which have powered them for the last 16 years – and the two companies have just reaffirmed their exclusive supply deal in the UK. Just in time for the updated agreement, the eight technicians at the sports car brand’s tiny factory just completed their 1,500th model with the Japanese automaker’s high-revving engine.

The base-spec Atom in the UK comes with an N/A 2.0L K20Z engine, which Ariel takes and then fits with a custom exhaust and tuned ECU for 183kW (245hp). An optional supercharger can push the output to 231kw (310hp) or up to 261kW (350hp). The top versions can reach 100km/h (60mph) per hour in less than 2.7 seconds and a top speed over 250km/h (155mph).

Ariel’s other products have different Honda powerplants. The off-road only Nomad uses a 2.4L K24, while the Ace motorcycle packs a 1,237cc V4 engine.


  1. This is good to hear.

    I want to see Jag’s insane 3L V6 Diesel (bare with me) in a light car like an Atom or an Elise. The thing packs 700Nm of torque and is capable of chucking a 1.8 ton XJ to 60 in 5 secs. What would it do in an Atom that weighs about half as much maybe less.?

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