John Cadogan smashes BP’s ‘engines clogged with dirt’ ad


Depending on where you live in the world, you may have seen an advertisement on your television for ‘BP Ultimate’ premium-unleaded petrol. According to the ad, ordinary fuels ‘clog up your engine with filthy dirt’ – with the result being akin to pulling a large ship anchor around behind your vehicle. So, soil-laden fuels are threatening our engines and affecting the fuel economy of our vehicles – why haven’t we heard anything about this serious problem until now? Well, that’s because its a load of rubbish.

In the video below, automotive journalist John Cadogan looks at the ad in detail – examining the spurious claims, the pseudo-science and half truths deployed by BP’s marketers to get the unwary and non-technically cognizant fuel buyer to purchase the product.

As with with most of John’s videos, it does contain language which might offend.


  1. John, can someone contact me regarding an issue where a dealer has refused to replace my vehicle after fitting a second hand engine, under original factory warranty, after their technician caused a catastrophic engine failure, which has since resulted in continual issues which they have been unable to fix.

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