Ken Block tests the new Focus RS


Car enthusiasts of the world still have to wait a few months before they can get their greasy hands on the new Ford Focus RS. But to help make the wait a little less arduous, Ford have released the first instalment of its eight-part ‘Rebirth of an Icon’ series, where they look at the history of the RS and how they’re trying to stay true to the car’s roots with this new model.

ken-block-focus-rs-shakedown-featured-3The clip also features Rally Cross legend Ken Block, who gets behind the wheel of the upcoming hot hatch on one of Ford’s test tracks. Sadly, Block isn’t able to do any of the big, smoky slides that he’s famous for since the vehicle he was driving was an early preproduction vehicle still wearing camouflage. But he does offer some driving impressions and talks about working with the Blue Oval to get a previous-gen Focus RS in the US.

With the background about the model now out of the way, future episodes in this series should focus (ahem) more on the development and testing side of things.

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