Koenigsegg One:1 smashes record


A couple of weeks ago, we received word that Koenigsegg had broken the ‘0-300-0kph” record with their One:1 – with the 1340bhp hyper car accelerating from standstill to 300kph and braking back to zero in just 17.95 seconds.


Sounds astonishing, doesn’t it? Well now you can see it for yourself!

Koenisgsegg has released a new clip of its One:1’s deranged acceleration-deceleration run. They’re calling it the ‘Full Noise Edition’, and as you may have guessed, it features a lot of engine noise.

If you ever needed proof of just how fast the One:1 is, this is it.


The One:1’s 17.95-second run makes it over three seconds quicker that its predecessor, the Agera R. The full set of stats? 0-300kph  took 11.92 seconds. 300-0kph took 6.03s.


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