Edd China returns with ‘Garage Revival’ YouTube series


It has been over a year since everyone’s favourite mechanic Edd China announced that he was leaving Wheeler Dealers, and all of you fans out there have been wondering what he’s been up to. Happily, we’ve finally got some good news for you – he’s back!

That’s right – Edd China is returning to our screens with what he hopes will become a new series called Edd China’s Garage Revival. In each episode, Edd will work with car owners whose restoration projects have got the better of them and help get their plans back on track. What a great guy our Edd is?

In the pilot episode, we’ll see Edd travel to Norway to visit car enthusiast Stian Jørgensen and help restore his VW Golf GTI MK1 back to its former glory.

We’ve got a sneak preview video for you above, and the full episode will be available May 1st on Edd China’s Garage Revival YouTube channel.


  1. Come on Velocity, Wheeler Dealers is horrid now. Please replace it with Edd China’s Garage Revival. I can guarantee you will triple your ratings for the time slot.

  2. Great news, the good lady does not understand anything re cars. But she loves Edd China’s approach and would happily watch. Get this show mainstream.

  3. Love Edd’s style, knowledge, and talent at explanation. Hope to see this on TV – will definitely watch! Wheeler Dealers is boring now, unwatchable.

  4. Great to hear Edd is back… I love watching his work and his knowledge of engineering is absolutely fascinating and priceless. We need this on TV as it will definitely gain viewers.

  5. No body wants to see fat Mike Brewer belittle customers anymore. Why don’t you air Edd China’s new show. Done with wheeler Cheaters.
    We have watched Edd China when his show first came out. Thank you Edd for being you, don’t ever give up.

  6. I quit watching Wheeler Dealer when I was not enjoying Ed China’s replacements. I ran across the program in the Dish Guide. I saw Ed’s name along with Mike’s and thought Ed was back. So I set it to record the show which I am now watching. Unfortunately, it is not true that Ed is back. I don’t know why why his name shows on the Dish Guide, but I am about to erase my record series request. Apparently Velocity didn’t do any research before they decided Ed’s personality wasn’t important to the show. But they found a place for the blonde bimbo daughter on Graveyard Cars. Come on Velocity. What are you thinking.

  7. Edd was most certainly the only part of the show worth watching ; earlier shows now showing in Australia watch all of them ,wouldn’t waste my time with the new season,Brewer is just useless and Ant tries hard but will never measure up to Edd ( pun intended) so bring back Edd in this new show .Garage Revival it would be a huge success

  8. I’m not up with media or TV or how it works . Please someone tell me why the new Edd programme is not on mainstream TV? I’m sure there’s a good reason and or something to do with more money can be earnest from US markets…

    • Judging by the episode length I’d say the show has been made with mainstream TV in mind, but it most likely hasn’t been picked up by a network yet.

  9. We really enjoyed Edd’s pilot episode. Can’t wait to watch more. It’s brilliant watching such skill and know how. Looking forward to more episodes!

  10. Edd was the best,I was myself a automechanic ,but edd knowledge is absolut amazing.I miss him on TV,forget the stupid brewer.

  11. Good luck Ed, personally I can’t stand Mr Brewer and the show was the car, the “fix” not some dodgy car dealer

  12. It’s great to see Edd putting on his orange latex gloves and getting down and dirty with all things oily. Cmon get the old China back on tv.

  13. Why all the Criticism, Mike and Ed, were a good team, entertaining to watch , and Ed was obviously very knowledgeable.. Ant and Mike were just as enjoyable and I think given time we will find Ant is just as knowledgeable.. But the crunch is Ed`s manner charm and personality is sadly missed and there I definitely room and need for both programmes on main stream TV

  14. Brewer really does nothing but buy a car and then take the credit for it being restored , where as Ed’s the backbone of the programme and a pleasure to watch.

  15. Edd. Eddie. Edward.
    You are a legend and a gent I really hope you get scooped up by some network or other to make a fascinating show about car fixing. Your work on Wheeler Dealers was easily the best part of the show and it’s sad that the producers didn’t see that.
    I like Ant too and I think he has more potential than the show is letting him show. It seems they have him simplifying everything to a basic level for the American audience. It’s clear he has knowledge but it’s being stifled by Velocity.

    If people don’t like the show now then maybe just don’t watch it . Life’s too short to be raging online about stuff you can’t change

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