James May is… The Reassembler


James May is.. The Reassembler. For 3 nights in a row on BBC4, he’ll be putting stuff back together… slowly.

We think The Reassembler could potentially be a stroke of genius, as we’ll have a chance to watch James May doing what he loves best – messing around in the shed and getting a bit of grit under his fingernails.

James May says: “Any idiot can take things to bits, putting them back together again is what counts. I recently bought a new house, with a lawn. I even have a lawn mower. Unfortunately, it’s in bits. You can probably see where this is going.”

In his workshop he will be faced with the object laid out in all its individual parts, where he will have to work out how to piece it back together, until eventually it is in its full form. In James’ meticulous, fastidious, but ultimately very slow way, he will vigilantly screw every screw and tighten every bolt to rebuild the object. He will revel in the challenge, enjoying every second of it as he shares his memories of the object and his love for it and delivers, in his unique way, a potted history on the thing he is rebuilding and the component parts.

For all you Top Gear and James May fans in particular, this could very well be one of the most relaxing and satisfying pieces of television you’ll see this year.


  1. Eps 2 and 3 watched. Good show. I want to see him rebuild an entire car with none of the ‘boring’ bits edited out.

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