Clarkson, Hammond and May are still struggling to name their show


The team at W. Chump & Sons have released an amusing new video, revealing how Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are still struggling to find a name for their new Amazon Prime motoring show. Clarkson remarked at the weekend that the hardest part of signing up to do a new programme had proven to be giving it a title, and the new video has shown the trio holding a distraction-laden brainstorming session.

The video starts with a shot of the four Reliant Robin company cars outside, with James May’s laying on its side and the caption reading: ‘Somewhere in London… Still.’ During the meeting, May eats a custard cream biscuit before suggesting ‘What if we come up with a new type of expression, so what if we called it “Acebiscuits”, as in ‘do you like the new show? Yeah, it’s Acebiscuits”.’

Hammond tells the others how the company Amazon stole the name of a river, with Clarkson suggesting they so the same and call the show Erewash or Zambezi. The three then get distracted by configurator websites, in which they can build their dream car or pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.



  1. They should call the show ‘Larsens Biscuits’ and the logo should be the title written on a door in such a way that the bit on the door say ‘Arse biscuit’ inconspicuously as a reference to their 24H Brit Car BMW from TG.

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