Clarkson’s cheeky new Amazon ad


In a new advertisement for Amazon Prime that was first broadcast during the Rugby World Cup final at the weekend, Clarkson took another cheeky swipe at his former employer, the BBC, leaving many pundits wondering whether the ad is a sign of things to come.

In the advertisement, Clarkson is seen drifting around a large house on a Segway explaining: “Back in the spring as you probably remember I suddenly became unbusy. And that was ok because I had one of these” – he indicates an Amazon TV product.

It includes “everything you could possibly want” he says, scrolling through options. “Demand 5, Netflix” and then as he scrolls past the BBC iPlayer app, he curls his lip and adds: “that”.

According to Cnet’s Chris Matyszczyk, it is “refreshing” that “Amazon is letting Jeremy be Jeremy. Which means behaving like a vastly overgrown schoolchild and – unrelated to the first point – making jokes about the BBC.”

The commercial shows Amazon with “a little more edge about it”, and could be an indication of things to come, Matyszczyk adds.

“Many will be fascinated by how similar it might be to his team’s BBC efforts and how long it will take before Clarkson’s first controversy of a humorous, pugilistic or merely puerile nature fills the Web.”

It is not the first time Clarkson has taken a swipe at the BBC since he was dropped by the broadcaster. He has used his columns in The Sun and The Sunday Times to attack the corporation’s journalism, staff and its former director of television Danny Cohen.

His new motoring programme for Amazon Prime is currently in production and will be broadcast next year.


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