The Grand Tour: Series 2, Episode 2 – ‘The Falls Guys’

  • Epic Race: New York to Niagra Falls. Ford GT vs public transportation
  • Jeremy power tests the Mercedes-AMG GT R at the Eboladrome
  • Celebrity Face Off: Kevin Pietersen (UK) vs Brian Wilson (US)


Episode Guide

In this show Jeremy Clarkson drives the all-new, 647 horsepower Ford GT from New York city to Niagara Falls, a trip that is made more challenging by the car’s uncompromising, racing-car-for-the-road design and by James May who, using only public transportation, is trying to beat Jeremy to the finish line.

May’s trip is also more complicated than necessary because he is accompanied by Richard Hammond and the leg he broke in a previous show. Can a carbon fibre bodied, twin turbo missile make it to the Falls before a disgruntled man forced to drag a moaning, wounded colleague onto buses, trains and planes?

Also in this show, Jeremy takes to the Eboladrome track in the Mercedes-AMG GT R and another burning question is answered by Celebrity Face Off as cricketer Kevin Pietersen and baseball’s Brian Wilson go head-to-head to find the world’s fastest who makes a living from hitting and throwing and catching small balls.


Rating: 9.4/10. From 36 votes.
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  1. Good episode, better than the first one. The guests were far more entertaining than the last ones.

    Also this page seems to be glitching, it won’t let me give it a star rating.

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