May breaks down in Hammond’s Robin


James May broke down in the middle of London last week, after commandeering Richard Hammond’s poo-brown Reliant Robin.


Hammond was only alerted to the fact that May had managed to break down in his Reliant Robin when a story about it appeared on the Mirror. According to Hammond, May borrowed the three-wheeler without his knowledge.

The car’s door is branded with the logo for W. Chump and Sons, the TV production company May, Hammond and Clarkson set up with former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman. From what the photos show us, it doesn’t appear that May was being filmed at the time, so perhaps he was just running an errand or popping out for a beef pie and a pint.

Jeremy Clarkson has previously said he’s pleased Amazon have given them ‘free reign’ to do what they want with the show, writing in his Sun column that they’ll be making ‘a seriously well-funded, British-based show with no commercial breaks and, better still, no editorial pressure from on high.’


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