Jeremy Clarkson: ‘In cars, as in life, I crave the simple things’


Jeremy Clarkson has a job most petrolheads would kill for, spending most of his days test-driving the latest hot new supercar, concept or limited edition vehicle.

But the former Top Gear presenter says he wants nothing more than to be behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta.

Writing his most recent car review for the Sunday Times, Clarkson recounted a story of getting to a hotel and being offered delicacies, when all he wanted was something simple.

“Like all swanky, country-house getaway spa retreats, the menu offered all sorts of vertical food prepared by a chef who’d trained in Southampton and could do wonderful things with weeds and seeds. But all I wanted was a prawn cocktail. In a glass, with a twist of lemon,” he said.

The host of Amazon Prime’s forthcoming motoring show The Grand Tour added that he often arrives in hotels to be offered “a choice of sauteed sheep’s brains and the barely formed areola of a lightly salted baby pig”, something that makes him suddenly “become overwhelmed by the urgent need for a poached egg on toast.”

It is, he added, the same with cars: “I spend most of my life whizzing hither and thither in exotica made from platinum and rhodium and fitted with engines that roar and bellow and spit fire. And all I want on the way home is a Ford Fiesta ST.”

The Grand Tour is set to launch on 18 November.


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