The Grand Tour to ‘Feed the World’ in Mozambique Special


We’re nearing the end of The Grand Tour Series 2 – and so far we’ve seen Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May jet off to Switzerland, Mallorca, France, Italy, Croatia, Dubai, the United States.

This week they’re off to Canada, but there’s an even bigger episode arriving next week – and today we can finally reveal that it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for!

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

That’s right – the Mozambique Special! In this mini-special, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take it upon themselves to try and end world hunger with an incredible journey across Mozambique.

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The three notice that people in the coastal regions of this country are well-fed on the bountiful supplies of fish from the ocean, while those in the interior exist on the brink of hunger.

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Their solution is to find a way to transport that fish inland but, predictably, they cannot agree on the best method to do this.

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With Clarkson in a Nissan pick-up, May in an old Mercedes 200T, and Hammond on a brand new TVS Star motorcycle, the three invent different methods of food transportation and set off an epic, challenging and extraordinary journey to try and save the world.

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Fans of The Grand Tour will be quick to remember that this will also be the episode in which Richard Hammond’s latest crash will be shown. As we reported back in March, Hammond was knocked unconscious after falling from a bike and hitting his head. Amazon has promised that the footage will be shown during the special, so we can expect to see more on that soon.

A source from The Grand Tour said at the time: “Richard was travelling quite fast when he came off. It caused instant horror on set. There was a lot of concern. If his injuries had been serious it wouldn’t have been easy to get medical attention. It’s very remote there and facilities are basic.”

The Grand Tour Mozambique Special ‘Feed the World’ will be available Friday 16th February 2018 on Amazon Prime Video.


  1. Gr8 the 1 we have been waiting for , so he has over 40 falls does the hamster bit the scary bad fall I’m guessing that means he doesn’t finish , have to watch to find out and here’s hoping it a 2 hour special classed as 1 episode so we get 13 again like season 1

      • After looking back turns out the beach buggy’s special the 1st part was only 44 minutes and 2nd part 58 minutes, which is shorter than I thought it was , so I hope we get a full 120 mins this time .

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