The Grand Tour: Series 2 Episode 3 Preview – ‘Bah humbug-atti’


The Grand Tour Series 2 is off to a flying start – after the first two episodes were well received online by fans around the world. Naturally, their focus will now turn to the third episode – so what can they expect?

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In this show Jeremy Clarkson asks if Europe’s glamour set still need their jets and helicopters to fulfil a busy day of breakfasting in St Tropez, skiing in the Alps and dining in Turin or if they’d be better off with a car.

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And it’s not just any car because he’s testing the new, 1,479hp Bugatti Chiron with an epic cross-Europe dash.

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Also in this episode, James May is on the Mediterranean island of Majorca to see if the new Kia Stinger GT is faster than gravity itself with a race against some skateboarders.

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Plus May joins Richard Hammond to relieve the boredom of office lunchtimes with the all-new sport of car park racing. Another red Kia on The Grand Tour? Has hell frozen over?

Another big question is answered in Celebrity Face Off as actor Hugh Bonneville goes against naturalist Casey Anderson to find the world’s fastest person who lives with a bear.

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

And finally, this episode will also feature two iconic 200+ mph supercars from the not-so-distant past – the Jaguar XJ220 and the Bugatti EB 110!

Excited much? The Grand Tour Series 2 Episode 3 will be available Friday 22nd December 2017 on Amazon Prime Video.


  1. Can you create a section on the website with all the celebrity lap times? It seems the show does not keep a single leaderboard.

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