The Grand Tour: Series 2 Episode 8 Preview – ‘Blasts from the Past’


We’re already seven episodes into The Grand Tour Series 2. So far, the boys have taken us to Switzerland, Mallorca, France, Italy, Croatia, Dubai, and The United States. So where are they off to for Episode 8?

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In this episode, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond visit some evocative old motorsport locations in Europe using a pair of re-born 1950s sports cars, painstakingly rebuilt by their manufacturers to the original designs.

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With Clarkson in the Aston Martin DB4 GT lightweight and Hammond in the Jaguar XKSS, the pair start their adventure on the street circuit in Pau, France before their fun is interrupted by the arrival of James May in a modern Honda Civic Type R which he insists is better in every way.

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Also in this show, Jeremy takes care of some unfinished business by track testing the Ford GT first seen on the road in episode 2.

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Plus, Celebrity Face Off finds the world’s fastest drummer from a band beginning with the letter P as Stewart Copeland from The Police competes against Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.

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The Grand Tour Series 2 Episode 8 will be available Friday 26th January 2018 on Amazon Prime Video.


  1. To Sean McKellar– Wanted to ask if they actually use the term World’s Fastest Drummer in Episode 8? Or are you just improvising in this review by using WFD as an example? Note please that WFD-World’s Fastest Drummer is a circle R trademark and shouldn’t be used with out permission from IP owners……..

    • If you actually take a look I think you’ll find it is “the World’s fastest drummer from a band beginning with the letter P”. Be calm.

      • Sean– Thanks for the reply, I understand what you are saying, however if you know Andy Wilman or someone in production and they are using the phrase World’s Fastest Drummer in any form, they really should communicate with McAfee Enterprises Inc. the owners of said mark @

        If you would be so kind as to pass this along to Andy or production it will be much appreciated……

  2. Do we know if the show has been renewed yet ? It was 1st up for 3 seasons , I’m guessing they will decide after this season if they will , I hope so , but I doubt they will outlive top gear though.

    • Yep – they signed on for three series and have already held at least one planning meeting for Series 3. I guess while Series 3 is airing they’ll probably enter discussions with Amazon as to whether they’ll sign on for more.

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