The Grand Tour Series 3 will feature a Cheap Car Challenge


Spoiler alert! Jeremy Clarkson has given us all a glimpse behind-the-scenes of The Grand Tour Series 3 – and there’s good news! It looks as though the Cheap Car Challenge has returned!

In a short video posted to DriveTribe, Clarkson asked fans which car they thought will break down first – his Alfa Romeo GTV6, James May’s Lancia Gamma Coupe, or Richard Hammond’s Fiat X1/9. Three old cars from arguably three of the world’s least reliable manufacturers. That’s a tough one…

After a lack of proper Cheap Car Challenges in The Grand Tour Series 1 & 2, this is great news for fans. Most of us have missed this particular style of episode, so it is good to see the trio harking back to their Top Gear days.

The Grand Tour Series 3 is likely to hit screens around the end of 2018, but we can expect one special episode of Series 2 to air sometime mid-year.


  1. I am going with the fiat x – 19…. I am astounded that there is a working example…among many other things the heater hoses were crap. my buddies broke and instantly filled his car with a sort of misty , steamy water /antifreeze atmosphere…of some sort…
    it did handle quite well for a while.

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