The mind-boggling mechanics behind setting up The Grand Tour


Everything about The Grand Tour is huge. Millions of pounds have been spent sending three larger than life hosts on a series of mammoth trips, driving dozens of vehicles around this massive world of ours – and that’s even before you bring their travelling studio tent into the equation.

The Grand Tour’s tent takes up to eight days to erect (insert Clarkson joke here) and requires over one 100 crew members to set up and run it. The massive structure is made up of 723 individual parts, including rather strangely, one fake parrot. To make it easier to freight, no single part can be more than 13ft – otherwise it wouldn’t fit inside a standard air freight crate.

This 13ft rule applies not only to the studio tent but also to the small tented village that surrounds it, which houses technical equipment, catering, a production office and somewhere for the presenters to get changed. For no readily apparent reason, these support tents are fabricated from a Nato-spec material that makes them invisible to radar. The main tent isn’t, though, so that will be the one that takes the missile strike should Chris Evans decide to take revenge.

Once the filming is complete, it takes an additional three days to dismantle with care and precision – which actually explains why The Grand Tour needs two idential tents. So that while one is being used for filming, the other is already being set up in the next location.

So just to be clear, that’s TWO TENTS – and just in case that doesn’t sound crazy enough for you, here are a few more mind-boggling numbers to get your head around.

114 Crew members

8 Days to erect and fit out tent

723 Individual tent parts

1,980 Pieces of electrical kit

48 tonnes of weight

70 ft long, 50 ft wide and 25 ft high

1 Fake parrot




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