A Top Gear Tribute


I’d like to pay tribute to Top Gear with the clip below, featuring moments all the way from Series 1 in 2002, to Series 22 in 2015. To Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and the entire team – thank you for an amazing and memorable 13 years of Top Gear.

I’d also like you all to share your favourite Top Gear moments in the comments area below, to help us celebrate this incredible show and share the love around.


  1. The thing i like the most with Top Gear is all the crazy special episodes they did. No other car show ever tried anything like that before. Top Gear really was different and much of that was thx to the three presenters May/Hammond/Clarkson the way they interacted with each other. That is also why Top Gear UK is so popular compared to the other Top Gear shows around the World. RIP Top Gear you will be missed.

  2. Great Montage, though the F1 v Veyron drag race should have been in there.

    We need a montage of their funniest moments.

  3. I could write “what about the North Pole? what about Vietnam?” but to be honest, Top Gear was just so great it’d be impossible to squeeze all of it into such a short video. Good job.

  4. My favourite moments were everytime Jezza was shown riding his bike in Vietnam and Richard during the Winter Sports Special slinding whilts trying to dig a barrier.
    Almost forgot also on the Winter Sports Special Jezza emptied a clip of a submachingun and missed all the targets but managed to get a tree.

    Love you Top Gear

    • There’s actually a moment in the Winter Special that I missed the first time I saw it.

      When Jeremy is racing a Jag against a speed skater on the ice, James pretends to take a shot at Jeremy using the starting gun, as he drives past. Seeing Jeremy’s reaction was priceless.

  5. Like Fawlty Towers and Monty Python, TG was a brilliant, over-the-top, train wreck of a glorious madness that is Jeremy Clarkson. He will never return. He’s done. But TG will become a life-time of laughs and fun for all of us who realize that it was SO MUCH MORE than just a car show. Begone you crazy diamond.

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