BBC hits CTRL-Z on Chris Evans’ Top Gear changes


The BBC has erased any sign of Chris Evans’s ill-fated reign on Top Gear and in the process has also fired his close friend Danny Baker from their team for Series 24. Evans made several changes to Top Gear’s format leading into Series 23, but the BBC are keen to move on from his disastrous time in the driving seat.

Production bosses have removed the Star in a Rallycross Car section from the show and have given Baker his marching orders, after he was hired to add jokes to its script.

The Cool Wall, where Clarkson, Hammond and May rated slick looking cars, will return as will other fan favourites. A show insider has said, “Bosses are really desperate to save Top Gear after the disastrous last series and believe the way to do that is return the old features that fans loved.”

Instead of hiring another high-profile presenter to take over from Evans, Le Blanc take over as the show’s main presenter – altough it has come at a hefty price. It is believed he has just negotiated a two-year deal worth £2million after the BBC finally gave in to his high demands. This is sure to make him one of the corporation’s highest earners, alongside stars including Gary Lineker and Graham Norton – who also earn seven-figure salaries.

Le Blanc will be assisted on the show by last series’ regulars Formula 1 mogul Eddie Jordan, racing driver Sabine Schmitz and motoring journalists Chris Harris and Rory Reid.



  1. Well, I never liked whole celebrity part and skipped it even in original TG, but going to dirt was the best thing they could do to keep segment fresh. But if they delete it all togheter, it would be nice.
    But keeping eddie the cringy is bad decission.

    • The rally stage might be fresh, but it ruined the whole star in a resonably priced car segment. The original was so much better. Just a bunch of celebrities driving around a proper track. As for the hosts, I think only Chris Harris and Rory Reid work. Their reviews are outstanding! They have a deep passion and understading of automobiles. Could watch their reviews on repeat!

  2. I hope the support team, particularly Sabine are given a more prominent role in series 24 and on. It is after all a ‘motoring’ show.

  3. The only way to “save Top Gear” is to have the old trio back. Jeremey, Richard & James are the show! How does the BBC not understand this? Yes, the show may be watchable still (thanks to Chris Harris & Rory Reid) but Top Gear was a hit from the start thanks to the original trio. I believe it’s just too late to save the show.


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