BBC to air Top Gear Christmas Special


While Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are no longer with Top Gear, the BBC aren’t going to stop cashing in on the show’s former success and is planning to run a two part Top Gear Christmas Special next month.

Narrated by comedian John Bishop, ‘Top Gear: From A to Z’ will be a sort of ‘best of’ show, looking at all the best moments from the Clarkson years with each letter being introduced by an unnamed Top Gear fan. It will also have celebrity appearance from those who have previously raced round the test track.

The reasoning behind the BBC’s decision here is they’re hoping two things are going to happen. A) That the show will help tap into the huge Christmas audiences that come during the period, and B) that it will help build momentum ahead of the new Chris Evans’ version due next year. A statement released by the BBC said: “With Chris Evans soon to get behind the wheel for the new series of Top Gear, this two-part extravaganza celebrates the best and brightest from the Clarkson, Hammond and May years.”


  1. “You are fired” but we will continue to air your episodes until we have wrung out as profit as we can. Hopefully the guys had residuals built into their contracts.

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