Top Gear: Series 22, Episode 1

  • Top Gear heads to Russia for a race across St Petersburg.
  • Richard Hammond power tests the Lamborghini Huracan.
  • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Ed Sheeran.

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Review: Hammond reviews the new Lamborghini Huracán. While he is impressed with the car’s acceleration, top speed, its gearbox and its handling, which are a real step up from the Gallardo and from Lambos of old, Hammond felt that to have fun with the Huracán you need your own test track as well as pointing out that though it is a somewhat beautiful car it doesn’t have the presence that a Lamborghini should have, believing its makers had decided to play it “safe”; his point is proven by a montage consisting of all the previous Lambos reviewed by Hammond. Hammond concludes by saying that although the Huracán is a better car than previous Lambos, the previous cars are better Lambos due to them both looking and feeling more special, which Clarkson agrees. However, the Stig posts a lap time of 1.15.8, making the Huracán faster than the McLaren MP4-12C and faster than its big brother the Aventador; it also makes it the fastest Lamborghini to have gone around the Top Gear Test Track.

News: The trio initially realise that not one of them is sat in the middle of the studio to kick-off the segment, so show a clip of a squirrel, until they can get there. They then discuss about the following: a new type of speed camera coming to Britain’s motorways, which already has busted someone out in Kent; Boris Johnson’s plans to create a low-emission zone in London; Hammond looks forward to the Ariel Nomad; Clarkson looks forward to driving the new hybrid Honda NSX, though has no further interest in mid-engined cars despite a new Ford GT coming out (reminding everyone about the issues he had with the previous GT he had bought); Clarkson admits to making a mistake in the Patagonia Special, revealing he had claimed the Condor was the largest bird, when it was the Wandering Albatross.

“City-Cross” Race: The presenters race each other across St. Petersburg, with Clarkson driving a Hovercraft, Hammond pedalling a £9000 bicycle, May driving a Renault Twizy and the Stig using public transport. Neither Hammond or Clarkson have it easy; Clarkson finds driving his hovercraft (which he references as being a Russian design of their Hovervan) to be quite hard, with steering being a major issue, while Hammond fails to take in the fact that the city uses trams, and falls off after his bike hits a tramline. The fall shears off a vital part of the bike, which results in him using another bike (borrowed from a passerby, who is given a lift to their work as compensation) to complete the race in. May, meanwhile, enjoys the car he drives in, liking the fact it was designed for European cities, having two seats in tandem, an electric engine that produces 17 horsepower, and scissor doors, though discovers that the city’s streets and roads are wider than he expected them to be for his small car. Clarkson, on the other hand, struggling with steering, attempts to use narrow, peaceful canals to avoid river traffic, but finds himself coping with low bridges. Despite the issues, both he and Hammond reach the finish line, with Hammond coming in just moments after Clarkson, only for both to find they were beaten by May. The Stig, who suffers no major issues, fails to finish after spotting a Porsche in a lot, banging his helmet against the fence blocking him from it.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Ed Sheeran sets a lap time of 1.54.3 on a wet track, becoming the second slowest star to drive around the track in the Vauxhall Astra.

Some say…

“Some say that his favourite football formation is 8-8-19, and that while we were off-air his iCloud was hacked and now everyone in the world has seen his helmet. All we know is he’s called the Stig!”

Stig Power Laps

Lamborghini Huracan

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

Ed Sheeran
1:54.30 (very wet)


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  • gavkerley

    Loved the Show it was a great why to open the series next week its the Australien road trip and Kiefer sutherland will be driving the track How cool Is that.

  • the guy with no name

    LOL @ Hammond when he fell off the second time. “Not again!”

  • Benson Dam

    Cant wait until you guys upload the full episode.Cant find it right now 🙁

  • Top gear guy

    Can you guys please upload this episode.

    • We’re waiting for a stream at the moment – we will update the post as soon as one is available.

  • jollydee

    You guys are brilliant to keep these episodes coming for those of us in the US where we don’t get it easily on TV – I don’t have TV anyway!! Thanks so much.

  • TopGearCrazy

    Will the episode be uploaded anytime soon ?? :'(

  • Sunny Joe

    Hi I already gotten the video for this episode, issit possible if I just post it or send it to you?

  • Justin

    I hope you guess choose a different stream in the future. The audio on here is absolutely terrible.

    • You’ll be happy to know it has been replaced by a better copy!

      • TopGearMan

        Whats the link?

  • Hugh

    Great Episode. The audio is crap though. Did you notice that the presenters had Chilean flags pinned on their shirts?

    • Μανόλης

      yes, that was a good one, and also when clarckson … admitted about a huge mistake he did during the patagonia special and how noone knew what he was about to say and talked about … his mistake on the size of birds :p

  • Miguel

    You’ve sped it up? It won’t save you from the Beeb’s notorious copyright lawyers, sadly. You may as well just do the job properly…

    • Sadly Dailymotion has a 1 hour limit on their uploads. We’re hoping to have a huge quality copy up later, but at least the one we have is better than nothing.

  • jacquelyn chen

    Great EP!

  • gavkerley

    look who will be the guest on episode 3

    • RedBull76

      Yes! The Honey Badger is in reasonably priced car… watch out Lewis.

  • nick

    what happend to streetfire?

    • They’re deleting any newly uploaded episodes.

  • Johann Saucier

    Is it possible to get future episodes in hd please?

  • whuzdisguy .

    Can someone explain the 8 8 19 joke. What’s he referencing

  • Sami

    Im sorry to say that, Gentleman’s Sausage was clearly visible in the teaser of 10 episodes season. It was not blurred.

  • TopGearMan

    “We’re defending the ownner of the car! Sort of……” That was James at the start of the race

  • TopGearMan

    Will you in the future also be streaming live as the show plays on TV?

  • TopGearMan

    Please upload episodes with HTML5 or somthing like that, so it plays on mobile devices!