Clarkson calls bullshit on claims


Jeremy Clarkson has taken to Twitter to smash claims that he reportedly took privilege to new heights, after demanding a packet of gravy mix, cigarettes and a Monopoly game be delivered by helicopter during his stay on Waiheke Island in New Zealand – according to Ed Coutts, the managing director of the resort located there.

“The cost was outrageous and the show’s promoters were complaining they were going broke,” Ed Coutts told the New Zealand Herald.

Coutts claimed that Clarkson also demanded a place on an America’s Cup yacht during the 2003 race, and requested a new, black-on-black Range Rover Sport with no mileage on the odometer that he never used. “I asked him what was the point and he said ‘I just wanted to look at it’,” Mr Coutts said.

Clarkson hit back at the report, calling Coutts’ comments “bollocks” after reading a version of the story in the UK’s Daily Mail.

“According to the Mail, I once demanded a helicopter to get me some gravy. Where do they come up with this nonsense?” Clarkson tweeted.

“To be clear, I’ve also never demanded a game of Monopoly or a Range Rover so I could “look at it”,” he said.

Clarkson also took aim at Coutts, suggesting he was “promoting his business” by making stuff up about people who use it,”

“My advice to anyone wishing to visit Waiheke Island is: don’t,” Clarkson tweeted.

Clarkson appeared to joke about the helicopter claim in later tweets, posting: “I did ask the helicopter pilot if he’d get me a game of Risk. Much better than Monopoly. He offered to get gravy as well. I declined. It wasn’t while we were filming for the BBC though. So none of you should be that bothered,” he wrote.

Coutts responded in a follow-up interview with the New Zealand Herald, saying: “The last thing you want to do is upset anyone, let alone Clarkson. We would absolutely love to have him back … we had lots of laughter. He came down and had a good time,” Coutts said.

Coutts suggested Clarkson had been “upset” by the way the story was portrayed in the media. “He loved being here, I think he’s just pissed off and fair enough,” Coutts said, adding he did not want his original comments to be turned into a negative story.

He also said he was sorry for confusing the board game which Clarkson had sought.


  1. Looks like Clarkson is slowly loosing his mind… Sad… He was the best… Seems even he cant stop the time…

    Not like that duo of real EVILs named Davids – Rothschild & Rockefeller … They will be doing their dirty war agenda until their 666th birthdays…

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