Top Gear: Series 20, Episode 4

  • The boys attempt to turn a Ford Transit Van into a hovercraft.
  • Jeremy power tests the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series & SLS AMG Electric Drive.
  • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Hugh Jackman.

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Review: Jeremy compare the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series to the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive. The Black Series is now faster and has better handing than the normal one due to its lighter weight, more horsepower, a rear wing and electronic differentials. He sums the Black Series up by saying that it was built to make a lap fast, while the normal one was built to make a lap fun. The Electric Drive however, comes with a more powerful engine and its own “high-visibility jacket”, although it is very quiet. But, against the petrol-powered Black Series, it is dominant in a drag race because of its four independent motors powering each wheel, despite it being heavier by half a ton, due to having 864 batteries in the spine of the chassis. Jeremy sums it up as a brilliant car, but the drawbacks are quite significant, as the range is not very good, and it cost £360,00, but it does show that when the oil runs out, cars can still develop. The Stig sets a time of 1:21;7 in the Electric Drive, but sets a faster time of 1:19:0 in the Black Series, showing the difference between the petrol and the electric versions of a car.

News: Jeremy talks about the government’s attitude to speed limits, saying that the new Minster of Transport said that the new proposed speed limit of 80mph will not take action, as people currently drive at 95mph, 15 more than that speed limit. He then thanks the Minister and ends the news to make sure that the producer doesn’t edit it out, as they have previously done, otherwise there would be no news.

Challenger, part 1: The boys try to turn a Ford Transit van into a makeshift hovercraft for the people in towns that are flooded reguarlarly. Hammond explains that two 90hp engines are more than enough, while Clarkson protests saying that it isn’t enough. The finished product works on the road, though not discretly, as well as there not being any space in the back. They geared up in wetsuits for testing on a reservoir, however, the “hovervan” immediately sinks. Back in the studio, Clarkson blames Hammond for not having powerful enough engines, Hammond blames May’s skirt being too short, and May blames Clarkson for going in too fast.
Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Hugh Jackman sets a time of 1:46:1, becoming the third fastest.

Some say…

Some say that he also has a button that makes him hum, and that if he played football for Manchester United he’d be loyal, because he’s not a potato-headed oaf. But all we know is he’s the Stig!”

Stig Power Laps

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series
Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

Hugh Jackman


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  1. Just saw this episode on BBC 3. Remembered a real life hover van in St. Peterburg cruise port in Russia. It looked like a police or customs vehicle. It looked like the van had been driven into the skirt and a fan added on the back! Did not see it working but looked amazing

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