First Top Gear Patagonia Special trailer released!


The first trailer for Top Gear’s Patagonia Special has surfaced! The BBC usually releases more than one of these in the lead up to a new series, so hopefully we’ll see a bit more before December 27th. Enjoy!


  • Yeah fuggin’ durries bro

    OMG. Cannot fuggin’ wait for this fuggin’ special. Gonna be fuggin’ sick.

  • the guy with no name

    That looks too funny.

    Jeremy: Who are those guys?

    Most likely Americans again, like in the Africa special lol

    • Zechariah Hahn

      Probably some Argentinians who are looking for something to be offended by…

      • Zechariah Hahn <3 Cock

        It’s not the butt-hurt Argentinians he’s talking about there. They were at the ski slopes/gradients near Ushuaia when the rowdy “war veterans” starting making a fuss. Plus, that scene will be from part 1 (they never show anything from part 2 in the trailer).

  • Scooby

    This will be the 1st time we have had back to back specials

    • bendoverslut

      Where did you steal that fact from?

      • Scooby

        Because the last episode (season 21 episode 7) was a Burma special then the new special is the next episode

        • fuckScooby

          As if you thought of that yourself