Husband of ex-Top Gear producer Lisa Clark brands Chris Evans a ‘bully’


Just when it couldn’t get any worse, new Top Gear front-man Chris Evans is under fire again – only this time from ex-colleagues, including the husband of one of the show’s executives who quit after five months. Dan McGrath, who has worked with Evans on his BBC radio show, slammed the broadcaster for being “shitty to people to ‘get the results he wants”.

His wife Lisa Clark left her role as a Top Gear producer last December amid claims Evans’ ‘control freak’ behaviour forced her to quit. On a public Facebook page, McGrath wrote: “It’s just so sad that nothing has changed over the last 15 years…(Leopards & spots). Does he still believe, even at the age of 50 it’s worth being properly shitty to people to get the results he wants? Given our recent experience…I guess so.”

Lisa Clark and Dan McGrath
Lisa Clark and Dan McGrath

The comments were prompted by another former colleague of Evans, Steven D Wright, who accused the presenter of exposing himself on the set of The Big Breakfast, something the 50-year-old has previously admitted to in an interview with the Sunday Times. Wright said: “He’d had a bath so dropped his towel and stood stark b****** naked for ten minutes while I prepped his next iv (sic) with Zig & Zag. I looked down at it then continued talking. I could tell he was annoyed I never ‘reacted’. It was a classic bit of bullying but didn’t affect me although it would have been different if I’d been a young female runner though.”

In response to McGrath’s post, Wright added: “Once a c***, always a c***”.

Former BBC and Channel 4 executive Nicola Gooch added: “I thought the same thing. You are right about it being bullying. Total f*****.”

The BBC has declined to comment on the claims, although earlier this week Mark Linsey, Director of BBC Studios and Bob Shennan, Controller of Radio 2, denied claims that Evans had a ‘volatile’ working behaviour. “The assertion that Chris Evans’ behaviour at Radio 2 since beginning work at Top Gear has been in any way below BBC acceptable levels is completely untrue,” he said. “Since taking on Top Gear alongside his Radio 2 breakfast show, Chris has displayed even greater commitment and professionalism. He remains a team player, a huge asset to the BBC and continues to show outstanding leadership in all he does on radio, television or for Children in Need.”

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