James May responds to Chris Evans’ ‘Zippy, George and Bungle’ taunt


In a new interview, James May has responded to Chris Evans’ taunt about the trio of old Top Gear presenters being like ‘Zippy, George and Bungle’.

“That’s quite good actually,” James said. “Zippy? That’s Hammond. Is Bungle nice? I’ll be Bungle. Jeremy is George. A bit of good-natured sparring is great for everybody.”

Zippy, Bungle and George
Zippy, Bungle and George

During the same interview, James spoke about the turbulent year he has had, following the ‘fracas’ which exploded in March last year. It was a year he was glad to see the back of: “2015 was a bit complicated and had some very traumatic bits in it.”

James also added that he had some “rather deserty” patches to 2015, especially when he ended up cooking a shepherd’s pie on YouTube. “It wasn’t as traumatic as having to go to war in Afghanistan,” James says. “It was just a bit trying. I didn’t want to throw my life and career away”.


For a while, May thought about leaving show business and taking up something a bit more relaxing, like teaching. For James though, reality got in the way: “People still wanted us to keep doing it so we had a duty to. And you didn’t want to be the one who didn’t keep doing it, it would have looked churlish and mean-spirited.”

James previously revealed that their new Amazon motoring show will launched sometime this Autumn (September to November), while the new Chris Evans version of Top Gear is planned to air in May.

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