Jeremy Clarkson suspended by the BBC


I have some breaking news for you all and I’m afraid it is not good – Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC following a heated argument with a producer. The BBC have stated that the 54-year-old presenter had been suspended “pending an investigation”.

“No one else has been suspended. Top Gear will not be broadcast this Sunday” it said.

Jeremy was given what he called his “final warning” last May after footage from the cutting room floor was leaked,  dropping what sounded like the n-bomb while reciting a version of a children’s counting rhyme. At the time, he said the BBC had told him he would be sacked if he made “one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time”.

The BBC have released no further details on the current incident involving Jeremy, and said it would not be making any further statements at this time. Jeremy’s representatives have yet to reply to requests for a comment. In a rather worrying sign, Jeremy himself has also remained silent on twitter following the incident.

Suggestions a punch may have been thrown

RadioTimes are suggesting that Jeremy Clarkson punched the producer in an incident last week.

The alleged assault was only reported to the corporation yesterday, and BBC executives took the decision to suspend Clarkson earlier today.

In a statement the corporation said that this Sunday’s edition of the motoring show had been pulled, but Radio Times understands that the further two remaining episodes of the series have also been postponed until the corporation has concluded its investigation into the events.

The penultimate episode of the series was due to air on March 22 and has been replaced by a documentary about the Caribbean featuring Simon Reeve, at 8pm, followed by a Louis Theroux documentary.

The BBC would not confirm the identity of the producer.

The Mirror later reported that Jeremy hit Top Gear assistant producer Oisin Tymon. It is claimed that Jeremy saw red with Tymon for not getting him dinner in time after filming for the BBC show in Newcastle.


Tymon (left) who has worked on the show for a decade and knows Jeremy well, was blamed for not having organised the food.

A source said: “Jeremy saw red over a catering issue. They came to the end of filming after a long day and Jeremy discovered that no food had been laid on. He just snapped.”


*It is worth noting that these reports have not been confirmed or denied by the BBC and may not tell the full story. No other information is available at this time, however I will update this post if any more statements are released.*


No Top Gear this Sunday

Sadly yes, Episode 8 of Series 22 will no longer air this Sunday and we’re not sure when Top Gear will be back. The episode was set to feature the boys attending (or trolling?) JapFest 2014 (Europes biggest Japanese car show) by turning up in a selection of European sports cars.



Former Top Gear presenter Chris Goffey told BBC Radio 5 live while discussions on the programme sometimes became heated when he worked on the show, “it must have been something fairly serious behind the scenes to warrant his immediate suspension.

“I can’t think what the hell’s gone on, but there you go. When you’ve got a very strong character who likes things his own way, if somebody stands up to him, there’s going to be a row.”

TV critic Toby Earle told the BBC he was not surprised at Jeremy’s suspension. “This incident is the one that’s really forced management to take action,” he said.

“Part of the show’s appeal, to many viewers, has been it’s sort of edginess and the fact that it’s rough around the edges – in some ways takes no prisoners.”

“But of course there is a very delicate line to tread with that, and it has crossed that line I feel.”

But the TV Times’ Mary Evans said she did not think it was the end of the road for the presenter: “He is what he is, like him or loathe him.

“He knows who he is and he knows what he wants to say. Top Gear obviously existed before him, and it wasn’t the phenomenon that it is now. So obviously it has something to do with his personal charisma and his fanbase.

“I can’t see this will be it for Clarkson, I really can’t. But I think he’s probably slightly overdue a slap on the wrist,” she told the BBC.


  1. Not worried. This is the kind of stuff that happens to boost ratings. Clarkson and the boys will be back. no doubt in my mind. The BBC has stepped on it with this move.

      • You misunderstand mate… I’m a huge fan of Top Gear and Clarkson – that was just a spoof rhyme, illustrating how absurd the BBC can be about all of this! Aaah, the irony can be easily missed.

  2. this Is madness sure he might be suspended but all this just does Is hype the show up more lets hope the stupied BBC put him and TopGear back soon

  3. Suddenly remember that clarkson sold the rights of top gear to the bbc a while ago, Otherwise he would be able to take the Top Gear brand to another broadcaster. Wouldn’t be hard to find one.

    Don’t see a change in behavior compared to 10 seasons ago. Also the long time before this season finally aired seemed like a sign BBC is afraid of it’s reputation with top gear. Also the leaked images of the eenie meenie minie moe rhyme wich was leaked signs in that direction

    Really irritated by people who can not handle jokes,
    you don’t have to watch him, He is a comedian, and therefore you can assume that the majority is not serious. He also said dutch people cut their airs of and all take drugs, No dutch people seemed offended.

    Also i am a cyclist, and loved the episode about cycle safety and his over the top comments about cyclists.

    If you do not like clarkson, Don’t watch Top Gear, Do not follow his twitter and get a life instead of Watch a video 10 times to hear a word he might have mumbled and be offended about that.

  4. So if Mr clarkson loses his job il miss him and If the last 3 episodes are ever shown it will probably be with the 2 remaining presenters then if there is a series 23 they would have to get a replacement but who ? The guy from series 1 or old tiff .

    • Honestly, if it was just Hammond and May after this then they should just pull the plug. TG isn’t TG without the trio. That’s why I don’t want any new extra presenters or replacement presenters.

      Though having said that, they should have done a challenge in each series where they pick 3 stars to run the show on their own in one of the episodes. Like star in the reasonably priced car, but instead of doing laps of the track, they run the show for an episode. And the presenters (Jezza, Hamster and Slow) can always pick funny combinations. Like for instance Samuel Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rowan Atkinson…that would be hilarious

  5. Sack Jezza and you kill the show. As much as I like Capt Slow and the Hampster, loose Jezza and you kill the chemistry that makes the show.:'(

    • Right now TG is the BBC’s biggest money maker. They’d be doing a lot more than shooting themselves in the foot (as another post stated) if they cancel it.

  6. oh ffs this is stupid! even if there was a disagreement behind the scenes why postpone the show? in showbiz there is always bitching behind the scenes.. its fucking showbiz!! were Monty Python or Blackadder politicaly correct? no. but they are still hilarious and legendary.

  7. Jeremy Clarkson obviously can’t stop himself but that is no reason not to postpone this weeks episode. I just hope they don’t cancel the show all together.

  8. Goodbye Top Gear. It’s been fun 🙁 Fuck the cunts that run the BBC. And fuck the producer who ran to them like a little child.

  9. Jeremy’s thought process during the argument:

    What is this clown banging on about?>Shut up you imbecile!> *producer doesn’t shut up*>Right where’s my hammer?…screw it!>*punch*> Ahh, that’s not gone well…

  10. Even though i agree that the reason Top Gear UK is so great and succesfull is largely becuaase of the Chemistry between the 3 hosts, I think I have a great replacement for Clarkson. I think Ricky Gervais together with May and Hammanod would be awesome. Gervais would fill Clarksons role perfect imo. So BBC just sack Clarkson and put in Gervais in his Place and get the show back online. Because we all know that the show must go on.

  11. Oh god i just had a very wicked thought, bring Jezza to host Top Gear USA, OMG that would be like mixing gasoline, liquid hydrogen and a large pile of fireworks!

  12. If he does lose his job I want a public apology from him to top gear fans around the world…. I don’t personally think he will because the show makes too much money. If for what ever reason this goes on they should just show the other episodes in one stringed together special… Even if they don’t do the studio bits.
    Us the fans around the world deserve it and it isn’t fair if they don’t.

  13. You are irreplaceable, you are the best, you are the one…
    But stop doing those shits, Jezza! Take it easy, boy!
    We don’t wanna lose you!

  14. You know why no places else can make their own TG even close to the Britain one? It’s because they don’t have May, Richard, and Clarkson!!!

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