Jeremy’s final Top Gear track lap


Earlier this year we reported how Jeremy Clarkson got on stage at a charity auction, where he told the audience that the BBC had “fucked themselves”, amongst other things. Happily, in the process he managed to do a great deal of good – raising £100,000 for the Roundhouse arts charity by offering attendees the chance to join him for his last lap around the Top Gear test track.

“I’ll drive somebody around in whatever I can get hold of, I’m sacked so it’s probably a Nissan Maestro. But anyway it will be my last ever lap of the Top Gear test drive. There was an 18 year waiting list to be in the audience of Top Gear, but the BBC has fucked themselves.”

Well, today was that day, and the lucky bidder(s), Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and racing driver Marino Franchitti, got a lot more than a Nissan Maestro for their £100,000 donation.

Photo: Jeremy Clarkson
Photo: Jeremy Clarkson


That’s right – an AMG GT, Ferrari LaFerrari or a Ferrari 488 GTB… surely one of life’s toughest decisions.

Firstly, Jeremy took Nick and Marino on a sighting lap in the new Volvo XC90, before taking one of the supercars for the final lap.


It is unknown at this stage what car was chosen, or who got to sit alongside Jeremy for the lap (or perhaps it was two separate laps?) but Jeremy went on to say: “Two good things about the last lap. It raised a load of cash for a good cause. And I did the motherfucker of all tail slides through Chicago.”


  1. “The mofo of all tail slides.” Now THAT I want to see, I wonder if it was bigger than the one that caused him to slip 2 discs in his spine a few series ago.

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