Matt LeBlanc: Top Gear Series 25 will have more comedy, bigger films


Matt LeBlanc says Top Gear Series 25 will continue to differentiate itself from the old ‘Clarkson, Hammond and May’ era of the show, attracting a younger and more diverse audience.

Speaking in Los Angeles at a panel discussing the final season of Episodes, LeBlanc says the Top Gear team are looking to increase the comedy for Series 25, while remaining true to the show’s car-loving core

“I think we’ve tried to broaden the demographic of the show,” LeBlanc said. “Try to make it not lose the sort of petrolhead nature of it but maybe open it up to people who maybe aren’t so petrolheady, expand the comedy, try to have bigger, broader films, but it will be more of the same in the sense it starts with the car.”

“It will be closer to what it was last year versus the season before,” he added.

Viewing figures for Top Gear Series 24 haven’t surpassed the levels achieved by Clarkson, Hammond and May, but the LeBlanc-led show attracted a younger audience who rated it “far higher” than the previous series, according to the BBC.

BBC2 controller Patrick Holland has said previously that Top Gear’s last season drew a “much healthier” audience and it should not be compared to the Clarkson era, which was a “completely different” show.

LeBlanc said he will return to the UK within the next few weeks to resume filming for Top Gear, and has so far attended film shoots in Norway, France, Italy and California.

Top Gear Series 25 is expected to air early in 2018 on BBC2, shortly after the second season of The Grand Tour has wrapped up.


    • For God’s sake, what’s your problem with it?
      The actual Top Gear are good, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple.

      • We really enjoyed Series 24 – there’s certainly a lot of TG haters still hanging around though. I mean would you prefer to have two A-grade motoring shows to watch, or just the one? They’re different shows anyway, and the friendly rivalry between them means the viewers end up with two highly polished shows. Happy days.

  1. They shouldn’t try force comedy because it doesn’t work. It just makes things cringy.
    The only funny part in last season was le blanc getting old german taxi and not realizing what it was untill they told them, and believe he trully didn’t know.
    Grand tour forced it too, compared to top gear so it felt worse to old show.

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