Richard Hammond’s ‘Top Gear Dog’ has died; aged 11


Richard Hammond’s pet labradoodle “TG” – perhaps more famously known as ‘Top Gear Dog’ – has sadly died today aged 11. A member of the Hammond household made the annoucement this evening via TG’s Twitter account, @TGdog.

“Wonderful, incredible, irreplaceable TG. 2006-2017 Loved to distraction. Thank you for the memories beautiful girl. My heart will never heal.” – @TGdog

TG was born back in 2006, and after joining the Hammond family, narrowly avoided being called “Prius” because “she was slow” – but Clarkson later revealed that this would have been cruel, because the Toyota Prius was so heavily loathed amongst car enthusiasts. Also, she ate a lot more than anyone expected, contradicting the fuel economy benefits.

TG was introduced as a new addition to Top Gear back in Series 8, in an effort to keep the show fresh and exciting. During the series, she accompanied Clarkson, Hammond and May as they went on a caravan holiday, where she famously vomited in the boot of their car.

Despite being on Top Gear, it was later discovered that she absolutely hated cars – and James May possibly – as she threw up on him the first time they met. Unfortunately, it was this hatred of cars which meant that she was retired from the show during Series 9, and lived out the rest of her years on the Hammond estate in Herefordshire.

Our thoughts are with Richard, Mindy and the rest of the Hammond family in what must be an extremely difficult time.

If you’ve got a favourite Top Gear Dog moment, be sure to share it in the comments below.


  1. it is always tough to lose a family pet.
    the ‘vancouverbill family unit’ thoughts are with Hammonds as well…
    -Adele ,Bill and the cats girls.

  2. All our thoughts and prayers are with you all on this sad day. With all our deepest most heartfelt sympathy , the Bray family , Kath Michael and Dax ?☹️Xx

  3. I thought that by the way TGD laid around and always slept during the show that TGD was already an old dog when it was on the show ?

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