Stig’s Gap Year Vacation – Top Gear Series 22 Teaser


A new trailer has been released for Top Gear Series 22! Whilst it doesn’t really show us a lot, it is a nice little teaser video to help keep us excited as we wait for the remaining episodes!

Edit: We now have a confirmed start date – January 25th! Let the countdown begin!


    My uncontrollable boner just smacked me in the face!

  • Michael Wadsley

    Series 22 starts 8pm (GMT) 25 January BBC2, just read it in Tog Gear mag.

    • Thank you!

    • BigBoyGotABigDick

      In which issue and where in the issue? Did it have a preview of the series as well?

      • Michael Wadsley

        January’s issue ( number 265) pages 44 – 51 preview the new series of 10 episodes. Trips to Canada, Australia, and a race through St Petersburg, a homage to land rover, and Citroen, oh, and home made ambulances. The end of January can’t come quick enough!

        • John Bukowski

          If you don’t mind would you be willing to scan the pages and post them here? I’m really interested to read about the Australia road trip as I live in the Northern Territory