Synopsis for Top Gear Series 22 Episode 1


The BBC have released the episode summary for the first official episode of Series 22, which will go to air on January 25th.

In this first episode, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will travel to Russia for an incredible race across the vast and very beautiful urban landscape of St Petersburg. James defends the honour of the car in a very small Renault, Richard tries to prove that pedaling is faster by saddling up on a bicycle, while Jeremy attempts to demonstrate that water is always the quickest way across town, especially if you’re driving a hovercraft. To make matters more complicated, all three are racing not only each other but also The Stig, who is silently making his way towards the finish line on public transport…

Also in this episode, Richard Hammond will hit the Top Gear Test Track for a power test of the new Lamborghini Huracan, to see if it is flamboyant and fun as an Italian supercar should be.

Plus, Ed Sheeran will test his steely-eyed driving skills as the star in the Reasonably Priced Car.


  1. i’m wondering on how fast the Lamborghini Huracan might go round their track, obviously it will beat the Gallardo its predecessor, and i’m certain it will demolish the Murcielago, but i’m not sure it will beat the Aventador though. Actually I don’t now how it will fair depending on the conditions whether it’s wet (damp or moist) or dry.
    Well I’ll guess I find out and see when the first episode airs.

    • I’m concerned about it’s ancient engine it’s still using that old 5.2 V10. I’m more than certain that the McLaren 650S will annihilate the Huracan. Partly because it’s a McLaren and partly because it was developed at the TG track. Not to mention that it has brake steer (a McLaren exclusive), a monocell chassis (more McLaren exclusivity), more torque,more power and is lighter, faster to 60 (and 124) and has a higher top speed. Having said that, I’m expecting the P1 to be the fastest hybrid too.

  2. Really , I can’t see any info about the 1st episode on the topgear site or even the bbc tv topgear site and no info as of yet on the radio times site as they are usually 1st for info

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