The Top 10 Best Top Gear Episodes 2013


Ask any Top Gear fan what their top 10 best Top Gear episodes would be and you’ll probably get a different answer every time. With over 150 episodes produced and thousands of individual films contained within these episodes, there is an absolute gold mine of Top Gear out there.

Last year we released our 2012 Top 10 list of episodes, which was created based on our own personal opinions, plus some influence from episode votes on MotoringBox. But quite a lot has changed since then so we thought we’d better release a new one!

For the MotoringBox Top 10 Best Top Gear Episodes 2013, we’ve left our own opinions out of it completely and it is now based purely on our user episode ratings! The list now looks very different and it is easy to see that cheap car challenges are the most popular! We personally don’t agree with all choices, but it’s hard to argue with the majority of people!

So, we present to you the Top 10 Best Top Gear Episodes for 2013!


Series 19, Episode 6 & 7

Jeremy, James, and Richard are in central Africa to find the source of the Nile River.
[Episode Guide]


Series 11, Episode 1

Jeremy track tests the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Top Gear Stuntman attempts to break the reverse jumping world record in an Austin Allegro. Cheap Car Challenge: The boys attempt to build Police cars for under £1000.
[Episode Guide]


Series 11, Episode 4

Jeremy races the Nissan GTR across Japan, against James & Richard in the Shinkansen bullet train.
[Episode Guide]


Series 9, Episode 6

Jeremy, Richard and James each attempt to make a stretch limo.
[Episode Guide]


Series 11, Episode 3

Cheap Car Challenge: The boys each purchase an Alfa Romeo for under £1000.
[Episode Guide]


Series 13, Episode 6

The boys each buy a classic car to compete in the Rally in Mallorca.
[Episode Guide]


Series 20, Episode 4

The boys attempt to turn a Ford Transit Van into a hovercraft.
[Episode Guide]


Series 9, Episode 3

The boys each buy a car for $1000 and go on an American Road Trip from Miami to New Orleans.
[Episode Guide]


Series 13, Episode 1

Jeremy, James and Richard race from London to Edinburgh in 1949.
[Episode Guide]


Series 8, Episode 8

Jeremy, Richard & James each choose a van for being roadies with ‘The Who’. Richard tests the Noble M15 and the boys each buy a van for under £1000 and face a series of challenges.
[Episode Guide]


Just outside the Top Ten

07x04Series 7, Episode 4
Jeremy, Richard & James each buy an Italian mid-engine supercar for less than £10,000, then face a series of challenges.
[Episode Guide]
15x04Series 15, Episode 4
The boys each build a motor home and go camping to see how they perform.
[Episode Guide]
10x02Series 20, Episode 3
The boys take three supercars on a trip through Spain.
[Episode Guide]
15x04Series 10, Episode 7
Cheap Car Challenge: Jeremy, Richard & James each buy a British Leyland car for under £1200
[Episode Guide]
09x06Series 10, Episode 9
Team Top Gear enters the Britcar 24 Hour Endurance Race.
[Episode Guide]
07x03Series 10, Episode 2
Amphibious Cars Challenge II: Crossing the English Channel.
[Episode Guide]
10x01Series 18, Episode 7
Jeremy, Richard and James set out to discover if you can go motor racing for less than it costs to play golf.
[Episode Guide]
06x06Series 8, Episode 3
Jeremy, Richard and James each attempt to make an Amphibious car, then face a challenge.
[Episode Guide]
03x05Series 10, Episode 5
London Race – Car vs. Bike vs. Public Transport vs. Speedboat.
[Episode Guide]
05x06Series 7, Episode 5
Jeremy races the Bugatti Veyron against Richard and James in a Cessna 182
[Episode Guide]


Do you think there’s an episode which is missing from the list? Make sure you have voted for all your favourite episodes to give them a chance of appearing on the list next time!


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