The Top 10 Best Top Gear Episodes 2015


Are you feeling a bit shitted off that Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear are currently suspended? Well we’ve got you covered. We’ve counted the votes and put together a list of the Top 10 Best Top Gear Episodes for 2015! So crack open your favourite frosty beverage and enjoy some of the finest Top Gear episodes ever made.

12x081. Series 10, Episode 2

The amphibious cars make a return as the team are challenged to drive improved amphibious vehicles from Sidcup to Dover, and then across the English Channel.
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12x082. Series 8, Episode 3

The original amphibious vehicle challenge! Each presenter makes their amphibious vehicles separately, not knowing what vehicle the other presenters had or what challenge the vehicles would be tested in.
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12x083. Series 13, Episode 1

We join the boys in the center of London for a 1949 style race across Great Britain – between the fastest car in the world, Jaguar XK120; the fastest bike in the world, the Vincent Black Shadow; and a Peppercorn A1 Pacific steam locomotive.
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12x084. Series 11, Episode 4

Top Gear goes to Japan to race a Nissan GT-R and against public transport from Hakui to the top of Mount Nokogiri in Chiba. James and Richard take a long, complicated combination of bullet trains, buses, a ferry, and finally a cable car.
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12x085. Series 9, Episode 6

Clarkson, Hammond and May build stretch limos to drive celebrities to the Brit Awards. They first perform several tests on the Top Gear test track, including evasive maneuvers such as a J-turn.
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12x086. Series 8, Episode 6

The boys go on a caravan holiday in Dorset to try and find out more about caravaning. The trio unsuccessfully try to have fun, cause numerous traffic jams, Top Gear Dog becomes ill and May crashes the caravan into a bollard.
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12x087. Series 5, Episode 8

Hammond and May, using a plane, raced Clarkson who drove a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti from London to Verbier in Switzerland.
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12x088. Vietnam Special

The boys attempt to achieve in 8 days what the Americans failed to achieve in 10 years. Get from the South of Vietnam, to the North – a journey of 1,000 miles.
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12x089. Africa Special

Jeremy, James, and Richard are in central Africa to find the source of the Nile River. The boys are told to buy three used estate cars for up to £1,500 in Britain and report at a small village in rural Uganda.
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12x0810. Botswana Special

The boys go to Botswana and buy a car for less than £1500 for a 1,000 mile challenge. The rules for the challenge stipulate that the car purchased to cross the spine of Africa has to be two wheel drive, and not designed in any way for off-road use.
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Plenty of top class episodes right there to keep you entertained until Top Gear returns (if ever). Which one is your favourite?


  1. Not bad, though I expected the Vietnam special and the Africa special to be in the top 5. I also expected the Bolivia special make the list.

  2. I believe you forgot the Reliant Robin Space Shuttle. That was EPIC. Should be included in this collection or a separate “Ambitious, But Rubbish” collection.

  3. Great list. However I Think this shows that Top Gear is alot more then just the Three hosts. It has an Amazing production team as well. So I really do hope Top Gear continues with our fav hosts and the excellent team behind them.

    I also wonder what song is it that you use in the video above? Please tell me. 🙂

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