Top Gear 2011 Christmas Special – India!


It is official – Jeremy Clarkson is rubbish at keeping a secret. For the last few years, Top Gear has produced a Christmas special which is typically a whole episode devoted to some type of epic road trip in a foreign country – with the details usually kept secret until closer to the actual air date. However Jeremy recently spilled the beans via his local online news service, Whitney TV.

This year’s Christmas special will be filmed in India! Jeremy, Richard and James will arrive on location sometime within the next few weeks to commence filming. No other details are available as yet, however you can be sure it’ll be an absolutely fantastic show – perhaps a rival to the Vietnam special?”

During the interview, Jeremy also mentioned how he reckons Top Gear isn’t as controversial as people say it is. “The Daily Mail calls it ‘sparked fury’ but actually when you look there’s been two complaints out of 5 or 6 million people. It’s not really sparking fury. A couple of people were mildly irritated. You learn to ignore it.”


  1. Cannot wait for Christmas day just to see top gear! Top Gear USA doesn’t even come close, just looks like a bunch of uni geeks trying to reinact the ledgends we have in the uk. It’s crazy how each top gear series is so short, if it was longer I may even consider paying my tv licence. I said may lol

  2. LOOOVE!ļ»æ I need to see this! After driving those circles in DC and Paris… one day I want to try to drive the streets of Mumbai. šŸ™‚

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