Top Gear “Patagonia Special” to air at Christmas

11 has confirmed (well roughly) that Top Gear will return at Christmas – kicking off with their “Patagonia Special”. That’s right – the episode that most of us have been dying to see will be first up!

What can we expect? Well, there will be swamps, deserts, forests, beaches, and ski slopes for Jeremy, Richard and James to suffer through in their V8 sports cars – a Porsche 928, Lotus Esprit and Ford Mustang. A 1600-mile trek through Patagonia to the southernmost city in the world, in order to stage an epic game of car football against Argentina.

Although as we found out, it didn’t exactly go to plan. There were broken bones, mechanical calamities – not to mention a climax that none of them had planned for.

Top Gear will no doubt confirm the exact air date within the next few days so stay tuned.

  • Scooby

    Great news finally a new episode in 2014

  • gavkerley

    Cant wait for this hope they dont get in trouble for what they show

    • piece of cake

      trouble? Like Argentina would go to war with em? What could possibly go wrong? I mean… more “wrong” than the usual “wrong” 🙂

  • TheOnlyAlex

    Ohhhhhhh yes!!!

  • the guy with no name

    Wait, broken bones? Some broke something? I wonder who it was. My guess is May

    • the guy with a name

      I’m putting my money on May too.

    • the guy with no name

      Looks like I was right

  • Scooby

    Just confirmed 27/28 December , get in boys

  • Caveman

    YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! MORE GIVE ME MORE!!!!

  • Kitten_with_a_whip

    I love Top Gear UK…
    The Americans have their version but it just sucks.

    • jujubee

      The later seasons are ok to watch while waiting for top gear uk