Top Gear rival could be made in USA


A throwaway remark by Jeremy Clarkson has fuelled speculation that he, Richard Hammond and James May might end up heading to the United States to develop their new car show.

During the Australian leg of his worldwide stadium tour, Clarkson was teased for his American accent by May and Hammond. Clarkson replied: “You’re not in America.”

“Not yet, “Hammond replied.

Many media commentators have suggested that Clarkson will turn away from traditional broadcasters to sign with an on-demand streaming media service such as Netflix or Amazon, both of which are based in the US.

Last month, Clarkson joked that he needed to watch his drinking in the evening to make sure he was clear-headed enough to negotiate with US producers. “While I try to find a new job, I’ve reassessed my drinking strategy,” he said at the time. “Californians have a habit of ringing at 11pm and I couldn’t think as straight as they do with their leaves and mineral water existence if I was halfway through my third bottle of Leoube,” he said.

Netflix is the favourite for Clarkson’s new show, but Hulu and Amazon are also thought to be vying for Clarkson’s signature. ITV and Sky are also said to be interested, but terms of Clarkson’s contract with the BBC could make it difficult for the presenter to sign with rival broadcasters based in the UK.


  1. I just want confirmation that the boys will do another show,even just another season or 2.Or 3.Or 4….I can’t let goooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    • It could be produced in the US and they’d still travel the world for their challenges and stuff. Netflix would be able to give them way, way more money per episode than the BBC ever did.

      • I have no problems with Netflix. In fact I believe Netflix is the best home for Clarkson, Hammond & May. But at the heart of it, the show needs to be British.

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