Top Gear Series 20 Sightings & Spoilers


Over the past few weeks the TopGear team have been spotted out and about in various locations filming segments for Series 20 – which as we mentioned is due to air on June 30th. Below is a list of what we know so far, and we’ll update this list with new sightings as they come to hand.

For those of you who need a spoiler warning: Top Gear Series 20 Spoilers are below!




Last updated 28th June 2013.

Jeremy drives the Jaguar F-Type. “Best of British”

As the title says, we now know that Jeremy has driven the new Jaguar F-Type. He also posted the following photo on Twitter – which shows TopGear celebrating the very best of British engineering, by assembling a group of British cars and other assorted equipment for their most ambitious shoot yet.

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Top Gear goes to Africa

Top Gear are heading for South Africa – Jeremy tweeted the following: “Our work in Spain is done. And now: South Africa.” Whilst this trip is actually for their Top Gear Live performance in Johannesburg, Jeremy did mention on twitter that the boys will be there for 5 days. Their live show only goes for 2 days, meaning they may possibly do a bit of filming there at the same time.

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A New Reasonably Priced Car. List of stars appearing in episodes 1 & 2.

Apparently Top Gear Series 20 will have a new reasonably priced car. No pictures have surfaced yet, but we have good information that it will be a Vauxhall/Opel Astra. We have also received information that Charles Dance, Warwick Davis, Rachel Riley and Joss Stone will appear as stars in the first episode, with Ron Howard appearing in the second episode.


Top Gear spotted in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have been spotted at Gibraltar International Airport, racing an Audi R8 against the McLaren MP4-12C down the runway. Jeremy even received a personal welcome from airport staff – tweeting an image of himself smoking next to a sign which dedicates the area ‘Clarkson’s Corner’.









The next day, Jeremy tweeted the following: “People of Puerto Anus. Richard Hammond driving a Ferrari round the harbour now. Camera phones ready”

This obviously confirms that Richard has joined them in a Ferrari, and that they have all driven from Gibraltar to Puerto Banús, in Spain; distance of about 40 miles.


Top Gear test a Hovervan in.. Penistone

Jeremy, Richard and James were caught testing a Ford Transit Hovervan in Penistone in late May. Rumour has it that they were going to later test it out on Winscar reservoir.








Jeremy drives the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Scotland

The Top Gear crew caused a stir in the town of Pitlochry, Scotland, when they passed through earlier last month. Jeremy also tweeted a photo taken from behind the wheel.

Top Gear

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Top Gear races car against boat in New Zealand

Jeremy Clarkson and James May were in New Zealand earlier this year, for their Top Gear Live tour. After the event, the team stayed on and were later spotted on Ninety Mile Beach, filming a Car VS Boat race, against British yachting legend Sir Ben Ainslie. No further details on the car, except that it is apparently “supersonic”.

Top Gear producers made no official comment, but told local media that Top Gear would not be racing on the beach or breaking the 100kmh speed limit.  Clarkson tweeted last night that he will not be spending long in New Zealand: “I have to be in Spitzbergen at the weekend. And that’s 1000k north of Norway,” he wrote.


Jeremy spotted in Oxford St, London, buying new clothes

Actually, this is a lie. Expect denim and lots of it.


Other Random Sightings



Camera man Iain May tweeted this photo of an Aston Martin Vanquish and Top Gear camera car, at the Top Gear Test Track.


LandRover UK tweeted the following photo of the new Range Rover, saying that TopGear had just returned it. The twitter post was geotagged from Zurich Airport, Switzerland.



  1. I simply cannot wait! This will be awesome!
    The McLaren vs. Audi looks interesting. My money’s on the McLaren.

  2. I have been a huge fan of Top Gear since Series 10. 10 whole seasons later and FINALLY an episode is going to be broadcast on my birthday!!!! (21st July)

    May I also just say, congratulations to TopGearBox. I’ve been a big fan for a while now so thanks for everything 😀

  3. Wow, can’t believe how porky Clarkson is – that’s a hell of a belly he’s sporting under that t-shirt! Oi, Clarkson – put it away!!!

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