Top Gear Series 22 returns December 27th!


Well it has finally been confirmed! Top Gear Series 22 will kick off with Part 1 of the Patagonia Special airing on Saturday 27 December! You also won’t need to wait very long for Part 2 – it will air the very next day (Sunday 28 December). Both on BBC Two and BBC Two HD.

After both Patagonia Special episodes go to air we’ll most likely need to wait a few weeks before the remaining episodes of Series 22 are shown, but this is a small price to pay for having Top Gear back on our screens for Christmas!

Do you think the Patagonia Special will be the most epic Top Gear episode ever?


  1. Clarkson is on Johnathon Ross Saturday 6th so he may give us a hint of things to come in the new series, or even a clip of the up coming Xmas special

  2. I wish clarkson Would lose some weight cause he looks in bad shape If he Stays like that he might not be fit to do TopGear anymore

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