Top Gear Series 23 Teaser – Matt LeBlanc and the Ariel Nomad


Team Top Gear have released a new trailer for Series 23, which gives us a peek at a new segment where Matt LeBlanc meets the powerful, off-road-only Ariel Nomad. LeBlanc and the Nomad are set for an adventure through Morocco, and as you can see in the video below, there’s also someone on a dirt-bike who is along for the ride.

From what we’ve seen of Matt LeBlanc in the Top Gear trailers so far, it looks as though he’ll end up being one of the more entertaining presenters on the show and we’re looking forward to seeing more. This latest preview trailer also confirms that the new series looks like it has high production values and has been beautifully shot – although we’ll have to wait and view the finished product before we can be sure about that.

Top Gear are promising to release a few more teasers between now and the series debut at the end of May, and naturally we’ll keep you up to date.


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