Top Gear studio tickets now available


The official Applause Store page for Top Gear Series 22 is now up!

If you’re interested in being a part of the Top Gear audience be sure to book your session, although demand is usually very high and your chances of being accepted may be a little low. Still, you have to be in it to win it – so don’t miss out!

Another interesting thing we can learn from this page is that Series 22 will consist of a huge 10 episodes – running from January 25th all the way through to March 29th! This is great news – we were expecting just 6 or 7 like usual.

Roll on January 25th then!


  1. Awesome, January 25th can’t come fast enough. However I still wonder if anyone has any info on the race between the three big hybrids? They said in series 21 that would happen so is it?

  2. I think the race was only meant to be between Porsche and mclaren but surely by now they should do the 3 together. I’m a little pessimistic but I feel that 10 episodes means that we won’t get any new topgear in the summer?

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