Top Gear will be back on June 30th!


The discovery of the Nile river’s source by James May not only signaled the end of episode 7, but unfortunately the end of Series 19 as well.

But fear not! It has been confirmed that Top Gear will return on June 30th 2013 for at least a 6 episode run. For further confirmation, view the list of filming dates on

Top Gear studio segments are filmed on a Wednesday, to then air the following Sunday. This means the initial film date of June 26th will result in Episode 1 airing on June 30th.

In the meantime, if you’d like spoilers of where the team have been spotted filming, click here..


  1. i want top gear back in july 2013 new series and christmas and
    specials top gear live to see them live and i want to see the stig
    richard hammond and jeremy clarkson see them and james may and see they cars to talk to them and i got top gear hat and t shirt and doll
    and they are go to be at beaulieu day out to see them then and lunch box

  2. It’s good to see Top Gear back! I think you should do a trip from the north of New Zealand to the bottom, that would be epic!

    • Top Gear will feature New Zealand in series 20… but I agree, a road trip through NZ would be a great special. Maybe a tie in with Lord of the Rings or they do a tribute to Goodbye Pork Pie to celebrate the Minis anniversary this year. NZ roads are fantastic, the scenery is the best in the world, and Clarkson could spend a week telling Aussie jokes..whats not to like in that?

      • Yes, can’t wait to see them in NZ. But a road trip across all of NZ would be much better, as the 90-Mile beach ain’t that fantastic…

        *****SPOILER ALERT *****

        James Wins.

        *****SPOILER ALERT *****

  3. i think we need to see more of u here in greece…mmm…im really sorry i mean griekenland…as our ”NEW germand friends call us” we really need a good greek show…im truly sorry again..i mean griekenland!!! we love u,we enjoy like a real german people..and we miss u every time we must wait for the next episode…truly yours paulos from gree….damn…from griekenland i mean!!! 🙂

    • Griechisch is the German word for Greece. Griekland is the Dutch word. Not sure why you feel the need to repeat the fact that you have new “German friends” – your country got where it is by itself, you can not blame others for your situation. Take responsibility. Germany is helping you.

      • Graham,

        He’s just having a bit of fun and Paul never mentioned anything about the problems Greece had except that Germany are their new “friends”. Just relax and watch some Classic Top Gear. Maybe the one when Top Gear UK battled Top Gear Germany. Sabine is always fun to watch.

      • Graham you have not got a clue what your talking about, Greece is not completely to blame for its financial situation, a vast majority of the scenario is exactly the same reason England is in the cow pat, you can thank you close friends the yanks & the investment bankers for that & teaching the bankers here how to reward themselves by giving large cash payouts. Don’t talk about other countries when you live in a dictatorship yourselves hiking up fuel duty, road tax (that a penny of it never gets spent on Roads) & a government that is always thinking of news ways in skinning people out of ere hard earned cash GET BACK IN YOUR BOX

  4. Brilliant!!
    They should make as many series as possible because as Jezza’s a chain smoker and heavy drinker, it’ll be a few years before he passes away which will mean that top gear will be nothing without him.

  5. You have to do a Journey from London to John O Groats then get the ferry to Belfast, drive around the lough, get the Liverpool boat to liverpool and go to Dover. Get the ferry across and race to say… Amsterdam? Cant wait!

  6. I do love Top Gear and I wish for the show to never reach the point of either jumping the shark or getting out of these great ideas. Applause for the best motor enthusiast tv show.

  7. … oh and yeah: death to the infidels cars such as top gear australia, usa, romania and whoever thinks they can benefit from the original by just naming their stuff after the original.

  8. I am very happy to have Top Gear back for it’s 20th season. I’m German and let me tell ya, our car shows go a little something like this:


    No entertainment at all….well we are not very know for that anyway I guess. 🙂

    So thank you Britain for this show!

  9. The lads passed me today making eps20 in marbella Spain.Looking good nice to now I have something to look forward to. Good work guys

  10. While as an Aussie I would love a cheap car challenge that takes you
    from the Pacific to the Indian oceans across the top end of Australia
    As a TG special how about Moscow to Bejing in $1500 4WD that would surely be an epic trip…

    Just keep doing the Roadtrips & Races the rest of us dream of making.

  11. They are in Spain!!! From the last week in YouTube are several videos about their aparitions in Spain. They are recording in whole Spain in 3 super cars, I seen the new Ferrari F458 for Hammond, the Mclaren MP4-12C for Clarkson and the Audi R8 for May.

    This isn’t any fake and I can’t put here links, but search: Top Gear España and Top Gear Sierra Nevada. Both are videos from the last week and it seems to be some of the season end trips, because the first video is in Seseña (near Madrid) and the second is in Sierra Nevada, which is 500km from Madrid!!!

  12. I think you guys should do a rally acropolis in Greece sometime it would be a scream after the ghost town Spain version you did in this series

  13. It will be more memorable for the best 3 stars who drive in a reasonable car to receive a Top Gear trophy with their lap time achieved.

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