Trailer for Series 22 Episode 4


If last Sunday’s episode was all about the ambulances, this Sunday’s effort – the fourth of the new series, no less – is all about, well, the cars. As you’ll see from this official trailer, Episode 4 features such luminaries as BMW’s i8 super-hybrid, the Merc-AMG GT, the new M3 and, of course, an old Land Rover on the side of a very steep dam.

  • Scooby

    Obviously the p1 v 918 has been filmed last year but when do we get to see it ? I’m guessing week 10 and by then we have waited 58 weeks since announcing the showdown

    • Guest

      Yeah, it’s in the last episode. It’s the P1 and the 918 – no LaFerrari i’m afraid. It would’ve been cool to have all three but they’ve gotta get them from owners as Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren themselves have said they wont supply the cars. But anyway, look forward to the p1 vs 918 film in episode 10, which will also be the series 22 finale.

      What’s coming up:

      Episode 6: The Canada film
      Episode 7: Classic convertible challenge
      Episode 8: Cheap SUV challenge
      Episode 9: TG USA vs UK
      Episode 10: P1 vs 918 Spyder

      • the guy with no name

        How come they’re not supplying the cars? McLaren always give the black P1 with the ‘P1 00V’ number plate to road testers, I’ve seen it in several videos and pics.

      • Scooby

        I’ve been Looking forward to the Uk V Us Show for years should be good , and see how we amusingly cheat to win .

      • Scooby

        Thanks for the info , where did you find it id like to see where cheers

    • Scooby poo

      I’d say it’ll be week 10. I’d bet that it’ll only be the P1 and the 918 too since they’ve only just reviewed the LaFerrari this series. I reckon next series (series 23, jesus christ) they’ll do a proper road trip in them. It would be cool for them to do a special where they drive those three cars in some ridiculously unfitting place, like across Sibera, Central Asia, or Central America, or somewhere else they don’t belong. Anyway, I reckon it’ll be the final episode of this series as it is a big deal for the show.

      • the guy with no name

        The P1 will survive Siberia, because it’s been tested in the Arctic circle and it survived that with few to no problems, most cars are tested in the arctic circle.

        As for a proper road trip, they should to a predecessor show down. McLaren F1 (which is too terrifying for Jeremy), the Carrera GT (which even the Stig spun and it also sadly killed Paul Walker) and the Enzo (which,like any Fezza, wouldn’t get half as much hype if it wasn’t for the badge).

        The F1 would blow the P1, 918, LaFerrari, Carrera GT and Enzo (all put together) into the middle ages.

  • the guy with no name

    I’m eager to see if they did a 650S road test