Trailer for Series 22 Episode 3


The BBC have released a trailer for Series 22 Episode 3, which will air this Sunday at 8pm on BBC2.

As you’ll see, this week is all about the ambulances, as Jeremy, James and Richard bid to build a better emergency response vehicle. Predictably, Jeremy’s idea to improve the ambulance revolves almost entirely around greater speed, while James’s is based – of course – on enhanced comfort and a soothing environment. Richard, on the other hand, decides to embark on a mission ‘to get people out of the way more effectively’. The results are explosive.

Do you think the episode this week is shaping up to be a winner, or an hour of heavily scripted sequences?

  • TheOnlyAlex™

    are you serious????? amazon video??? now way!

    • the guy with no name

      Clearly this is a you tube video, but I know what you mean