Trailer for Series 22 Episode 5


The BBC have released a trailer for Top Gear Series 22 Episode 5! This Sunday we’ll see Porsche Cayman GTS VS Chevrolet Corvette on the Top Gear Test Track, Jeremy and James looking at the history of Peugeot and James driving the 950bhp Ferrari LaFerrari in Italy!

Do you think LaFerrari will give James “the fizz”?


  1. I don’t know why but I find that Fezza to be pretty ugly. It looks like a platypus that’s been attacked by somebody wielding an axe and a table spoon.

    Though having said that, the 488 looks like a LaFerrari that’s been crashed into a 458 (which wasn’t too pretty either IMO-not with that wide mouth at least). The only Ferrari that I like is the F12 and the Enzo (in terms of looks).

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