Trailer for Top Gear Series 22 Episode 6


BBC America have released a quick 15-second teaser for the next episode in Series 22 – episode 6! This time we’ll see Jeremy and James tasked with rescuing Richard, who has been dropped into the remote, frozen wastes of Canada to test a watch with a built-in emergency beacon.

Edit: Here’s a slightly longer version that Top Gear UK just released:


  1. I seriously doubt they dropped him alone in the wilderness with only one camera man. There was most likely a whole rescue team there if something should happen.

    • If you look at the spoiler page on this website you’ll note that all three guys were together in Canada at the beginning. And their whole shoot only lasted a few days. I’d say that Hammond just got flown in and out of the remote area to shoot his scenes while James and Jeremy did their thing elsewhere. Then they flew all three out together to film the final scenes. The trailers would have you believe that Hammond was abandoned in Canada when James and Jeremy were still in the UK but this just simply isn’t true if you go and look at their Twitter feeds around the time they were filming. Besides, they wouldn’t dump Hammond in the middle of nowhere and leave him there for an extended period of time. What if something did happen? There’s no way they’d take that chance.

      • I don’t care if it’s scripted or not. I’m happy as long as it’s funny. Top Gear can make any situation look funny regardless of whether it’s scripted or not.

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